Solar Systems


It can be tricky when everyone claims to have ‘the best’.

Of course, there can only be one best. That’s why we refer our potential customers to objective data that’s been collected by independent laboratories that test thousands of solar panels subjected to all types of conditions. It’s the only way for people to properly and fairly compare different solar systems to see who really is the best.

The No. 1 solar panel of choice for Dunne Solar is the SunPower E20 327W panel. Independent tests show these are the most efficient and durable panels available in Australia. We also supply Trina ‘Honey’ panels, and Suntech panels for the more budget-conscious buyer still wanting a quality system.

We supply European-made inverters, PowerOne and SMA, the two most efficient and reliable brands currently available anywhere in the world.


Please refer to the links below regarding key information on panel performance

Temperature variations:


Intense (dynamic) loads:




There are still thousands of dollars of government subsidies available for homes and businesses, which means you can have a quality solar power system installed for a fraction of its real cost. For example, on a 3kW system, the rebate (your saving) is currently around $2,300.

However, the Federal government is actively seeking to scrap the current subsidy, which is worth between $1116 and $7,308



Dunne Solar offers the longest warranties available from any solar supplier. This includes 25 years on both the output and construction of the panels (this is complete replacement warranty and is not available from any other panel manufacturer). *SunPower only

The inverter comes with a standard 5 year warranty (all warranties are held in Australia) and Dunne Solar’s installations are also backed by a 5 year guarantee, giving you peace of mind that you have access to local, long-term support if required. In the unlikely event that your system is not performing as it should, simply call Paul Dunne directly on 0412 477 282 and he will see to it that the issue is resolved.